Frequently Asked Questions

Infinilearn is an AI-powered personalized education app designed to offer a variety of traditional and gamified courses.
Infinilearn is coming soon! You'll be able to sign up from Apple devices first and Android/Web soon.
A Learning Experience Architect (LEA) is a reimagined role for a teacher. They fine-tune the AI-generated course, add context, create challenges, and provide one-on-one or group mentoring sessions.
The platform employs gamification elements like Experience Points (XP) and levels to incentivize and reward academic achievement. These can also lead to real-world benefits like scholarships and grants.
Infinilearn partners with educational institutions and industry leaders to offer scholarships and grants. We also charge a fee for LEA certification. This allows us to provide a free, high-quality educational experience while sustaining our platform.
If you're interested in becoming a LEA at Infinilearn, you'll need to undergo our official certification program. The certification ensures you are equipped with the latest educational tools and techniques. For more details, please contact us at
Members of the press interested in covering Infinilearn or requesting interviews can reach out to our media relations team at or call us at 949 363 3303.